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About Us


"Not Just A Dance, But A Lifestyle."

‘Without a vision, the people perish’..Proverbs 29:18. such was the revelation presented to David B. Joyce, founder of the Chicago Style Steppin’ entity DBJ Productions. Almost 10 years ago, David had a vision of bringing and introducing the Art Of Steppin’ to every corner of the world. Born & raised in Rockford , Illinois just west of Chicago, David grew up with a gift of music and artistic talents. He began playing drums at the age of 9 in his childhood church and then became interested in piano by age 12. David became accomplished in his piano skills by age 15 and then started playing and teaching his church choir. At age 16, he went to another level in his musical prowess and took up being a disc jockey, doing high school functions and ‘blue’ light basement parties in the mid-1980′s (when you could really have a good house party). Over the years, David’s growth in music, music ministry and performing arts continued, and in the year 2003, he had a vision of bringing a smooth, elegant, and classy dance called Chicago Steppin’ to Rockford. He had seen it in the city of Chicago, and awed by it’s gracefulness and mature atmosphere, began to learn the dance. Taught and mentored by the ‘King Of The Steppers’ Pete Frazier of Chicago (The Majestic Gents), David quickly learned Chicago Steppin’ on the 6-count and mastered the dance in only 4 months. After learning, he introduced Chicago Style Steppin’ to Rockford in 2004 with a huge Steppers Ball in January, which was a near sellout. He continued to plan and present ‘Stepper Sets’ in Rockford and then more and more people wanted to gravitate from ‘freestyle’ dancing to the Art of Chicago Steppin’. David’s first class was at the Brickhouse Lounge in SE Rockford and he started with 6 students, teaching 6-count steppin’. The class grew and then moved to the American Legion, where people started hearing more about Chicago Steppin’ instructed by David and came out to learn. After outgrowing the Legion, David moved the class to Booker Washington Center in 2005 and that’s where it really took off. David changed the instruction to a more popular and technical 8-count (created by L.C. Henderson), and classes grew to as big as 40 people. From that class David started Thursday Night Steppin’ @ JT’s Bourbon Street Grill, as the community needed a venue to actually go out and step. The class then formed the very 1st Steppers group in Rockford called ‘Rockford Steppers Inc’. As the popularity of Steppin’ increased, David created Rockford’s first major steppers ball, ‘The Grand Midwest Steppers Ball & Battle’, (a combination of a dance and competition), which started to draw big-name steppers from throughout the Midwest, such as Tyk Man, Kirk & Sebrina White, Tori Lynch, ‘Little’ Darrin of Chicago, Feo Duncan, Candace Hinton, and others, and DJs such as DJ Calvin, DJ Darren, DJ Special K, DJ Ebony D and DJ Shorty Smooth. The event ran 3 straight years with great success. In 2007, David was satisfied how Steppin’ had grown in his hometown & decided it was time to go independent and begin to take Steppin’ abroad, so he founded DBJ Productions, which was created to not only to implement Steppin’, but offer musical services, workshops, promotion, and increased networking in the dance. Remaining members of Rockford Steppers Inc. then re-formed and became Rock City Unique Steppers, which was made up of original students from David’s classes. In 2008, David followed God’s leading and relocated to Dallas, TX, where it was destined for him to begin to take Steppin’ to the South. David initially started classes in Dallas, and the pioneered the dance in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, & Killeen, TX., as well as Richmond, VA & Raleigh NC. He is still teaching and promoting in Texas to this present time. Through hard work and dedication, Texas is becoming a recognized area for Chicago Style Steppin’.

David’s energetic and determined demeanor to continue to spread Steppin’ is unfazed, and through his instruction and promotion of Steppin’, he has taught and brought in well over 6,500 students and individuals into the community of Steppin’. He has been instrumental in helping to start Steppin’ groups in Richmond, VA (Richmond Steppers Group),  Raleigh, NC (Capital City Steppers), San Antonio (TX), Dallas (TX), as well Rockford (IL).  He has taught workshops, seminars, performed demonstrations and showcases, and given events in cities such as Minneapolis, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Detroit, Baton Rouge, Houston, San Antonio, & Chicago. His unwavering faith in Jesus Christ and strong fortitude is still empowering David to continue to pioneer this dance with character, integrity, excitement, love, and unity for years to come.

David’s Accolades

2nd Place Winner, Texas Heat Steppers Contest 2021

2nd Place Winner, Brickhouse Steppers Contest 2004

2nd Place Winner, St. Louis Battle Royale,

St. Louis, MO 2004

2nd Place Winner, Bourbon St. Steppers Contest 2006

2nd Place Winner, Paragon Steppers Contest 2006

2nd Place Finishes in 2009 & 2011, Steppin’ In The Bayou Steppers Contest, Baton Rouge, LA

1st Place Winner, All-White Steppers Affair Steppers Contest, Madison, WI July 7, 2012

1st Place Winner, ‘Super Bad’ Line Dance Competition, Milwaukee, WI 2008

Inside Steppin’ Magazine Instructor & DJ Award, 2007

DFW Swing Dance Instructors Award, 2009-2011, Arlington, TX

Outstanding Performance Award, The Spotlight Dance Showcase, Houston, TX 2010

2nd Place Winner, 2013  National Swing Dance Championships (Mixed/Steppers Category)

The History Of DBJ Productions

Our Philosophy

"The philosophy of DBJ Productions is to present Chicago Style Steppin' with the utmost  regard to courteousness, respect, unity, and love. To promote fellowship and togetherness through dance and outreach to community & fellow man. Furthermore, to enhance relationships and and self-esteem within the lives of individuals to make lives and socialhood enjoyable to all we reach".

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